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The Storm Before the Storm
Author: BobR    Date: 02/26/2020 13:49:50

Last night was probably the last big debate for the Democrats. Sunday is the South Carolina primary, and the following Tuesday (one week from yesterday) is Super Tuesday, where voters in 16 states/territories cast their ballots. This was the last chance for the candidates to make an impression.

Things went mostly as expected. With Sanders being the current front-runner, he was the primary target for the other candidates:
Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg kicked off the flurry of attacks by referencing a finding from U.S. intelligence agencies that Russia was seeking to aid Sanders’s candidacy in the primary election.


Next up was Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who, after conceding that Sanders was leading the race, said, “I think I would make a better president than Bernie.”

The reason, she explained, was that “getting a progressive agenda enacted” would be difficult, and would take someone like herself, “who digs into the details to make it happen.”

She also criticized Sanders’s health care plan, saying it was short on details and “doesn’t show enough how we’re going to pay for it.”

Pete Buttigieg called him the most divisive candidate, Tom Steyer criticized his solutions to our problems, and Biden called out his 5 votes against the Brady Bill.

Wait - Tom Steyer is still in this? How is that possible??

This was likely Biden's last stand, considering his mentally-deficient debate performances up to this point (SC is also his best shot at staying relevant). He managed to not sit on his own balls:
He went on the attack. He defended Barack Obama’s honor. Biden, who rarely riles a crowd, was often greeted by cheers, whistles and applause. When Bernie Sanders tried to hit back at Biden, he was booed.

Though not entirely devoid of the verbal misfires and rambling syntax that has plagued him, it was the strongest of his 10 debates.


Biden also had his fair share of luck. He was able to escape the crossfire since billionaire Mike Bloomberg played the role of villain all night. And Sanders, as the front-runner, drew most of the arrows, not Biden.

Biden is also counting on an endorsement from House Rep Jim Clyborn, who is quite popular among Democrats in SC. Tom Steyer (really?) appears to be trying to buy an endorsement by paying over $40k to rent a property owned by his daughter. Gross.

One thing the debate didn't have was any discussion about climate change, something AOC pointed out afterwards. That is on CBS, who seemed to be having problems, from controlling the discussion to technical difficulties.

After months of front-runners rising up and crashing like waves on a beach, it's just about time for the big event. The media seems to enjoy building up new front-runners, and then tearing them down. Next Tuesday, it's the voters' turn to have their say, in numbers that cannot be ignored.

Voters: Do the right thing.

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