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Not so Super
Author: TriSec    Date: 03/03/2020 10:32:41

Good Morning.

Today's the day - a good chunk of the country is voting today in the presidential primary, this Commonwealth included.

It's not been in the news as much as in recent years, but there is likely voter suppression going on in multiple precincts this season. Here in Massachusetts, at least, it's pretty low-key. Waltham will ask for a signed affidavit and photo ID only if you did not respond to the annual city census. Otherwise - smiling faces all around, and go pull that lever!

But our choices are narrowing. Candidates have been dropping like flies recently, including several that some in this household were planning on voting for. My own ballot, now revealed to be for Pete Buttiegieg, became a throwaway vote this week. I made the inquiries of our city clerk, and it turns out that if I had mailed an absentee ballot, I could challenge it, but due to a quirk of early voting, I am unable to change my vote.

But it matters little - candidates dropped out so close to the primary that their names will still appear on the ballot. Pete and other candidates may still get some votes today.

The elephant in the room is our own Senator Warren - there is talk that she won't win Massachusetts. I just visited a Bernie rally here on Boston Common, and about 13,000 people showed up. They were well-organized and well-behaved, and a mix of young and old. What I did note though - there weren't many rally attendees with darker skin tones. This could be a problem for Bernie, should he be the eventual nominee.

In any case - if you're in that Super Group today, get that vote out, and make sure everyone you know has done so as well.


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