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Author: TriSec    Date: 03/15/2020 12:55:29

So, here we are a week later.

The Biogen Conference hotel, aka Marriott Long Wharf, has been closed until further notice.

Stubbornly, Old Town Trolley Tours continue to operate. Our competitors in this city have shut down, or delayed opening altogether. (We're a seasonal business, mostly). But much of the city is closed. It's actually easier to list what's open (I won't), and it's primarily parks and outdoor spaces that can't be closed. You can still walk through the Public Garden and look at all the statues, or walk the Freedom Trail and look at all the closed sites. Curiously though, some National Park sites remain open. (Primarily Bunker Hill and the Museum).

We've been on the radio. Local WBZ came to our base and interviewed our General Manager - we've taken all the steps we can. Perhaps from some kind of previous outbreak, we had pallets of industrial sanitizer in our warehouse. Maintenance very quickly rigged up dispensers for the public, and we're also very publicly wiping down all common surfaces on our vehicles in between runs, and once mid-tour.

It's actually paid off. We're literally the only thing in Boston to do, and we are still carrying passengers. It's not gone un-noticed, as we've also received positive feedback from some guests about our efforts. IMHO, this is actually the correct, measured, response.

But, on to the real world.

Javi is still away at school. His campus is on "remote learning", but he's in a culinary lab, and you can't do that online. He's moping around campus with some friends right now, and he's probably coming home tomorrow. But with Javi away, Mrs. TriSec and I don't do a lot of shopping for staple items. We've adopted the "European model", which is instead of a big weekly supermarket run, I go out every few days as we need things and buy just what we need.

So the other day, the market was chaos. Of course you know what couldn't be found. But curiously though, they were also out of weird things. I'm mystified by the run on citrus - not an orange, grapefruit, lemon, or lime, was to be had. At CVS Friday night, I saw a similar pattern - all the vitamin C was gone, but no other vitamin was touched.

I don't recall Scurvy being a symptom of COVID-19.

The one that burns me the most though, WBZ was out at some markets interviewing people. They ran across one lady that was looking for toilet paper. She told the reporter that she "had 50 rolls at home" and was looking for more.

Unfortunately, at no point did WBZ ask her, "Why?"


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