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Author: TriSec    Date: 05/26/2020 12:09:06

Good Morning.

I trust we had a reserved and honourable Memorial Day?

I have just a few scenes from what was a low-key affair around the country. Boston surprised many by having a reduced version of our annual Flag Garden that miraculously appeared overnight on Sunday.

The coronavirus pandemic is forcing changes to many of the events that would normally take place on Memorial Day.

Organizers are finding a way to make sure traditions are preserved — especially when it comes to honoring the fallen.

One thousand American flags were planted on the Boston Common overnight.

“I hope this iconic memorial, which is so important to so many and so popular to the people of Boston and the people of the commonwealth, provides you with a little bit of comfort, that those losses will never be forgotten,” Gov. Charlie Baker said.

The flags that are about 6 feet apart were made possible by the Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund.


With national ceremonies reduced or cancelled, you may have heard about an effort called "Taps Across America", where TV personality Steve Hartman called for horn players across the country to sound "Taps" yesterday at 3pm.

Memorial Day celebrations across the U.S. will look a bit different this year, with most picnics, parades, and services canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak. That's why CBS News "On the Road" correspondent Steve Hartman is teaming up with retired Air Force bugler Jari Villanueva to keep the spirit of the holiday alive.

Hartman and Villanueva are asking veterans, musicians, teachers, and students of all abilities and ages to sound Taps on their front lawns, porches, and driveways at 3 p.m. local time on Monday, May 25.

I actually had the idea independently, and was planning on donning my uniform and standing out front at noon, but changed it when I heard the time. No other bugling was heard nearby, however.

Nationally, candidate Joe Biden made a first appearance in some time yesterday for Memorial Day, but he did not need to be prompted or cajoled into wearing a mask. In a low-key ceremony, the usual wreath was laid to honor our deceased veterans.

US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has made his first public appearance after more than two months in quarantine amid the Covid-19 crisis.

Wearing a black face mask, the former vice-president laid a wreath at a ceremony in his home state of Delaware.

It was part of an event for Memorial Day - an annual holiday held on the last Monday of May in honour of those who died serving in the US military.

The date also marks the unofficial start of summer.

"It feels good to be out of my house," Mr Biden told reporters from a distance, and through his mask, adding: "Never forget the sacrifices that these men and women made. Never, ever, forget."

Standing alongside his wife Jill, the 77-year-old then presented a wreath of white roses at Delaware's War Memorial Plaza, before observing a moment of silence to commemorate the military personnel who fought in World War Two and the Korean War.


And then we come to the President of the United States.

He was away fiddling while Rome burned playing golf this weekend, even as 100,000 dead Americans and their families looked on in wonder and dismay. But as President, even he can't avoid Memorial Day duties, and he did take time off the links to blow past Arlington National Cemetery.

...as a military bugler played taps, Trump followed tradition by placing a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery. The brief ceremony honored "those who have died for our great Nation while serving in the US Armed Forces," the White House said in a statement.

But while he was at Arlington, more than a few people noticed something curious about the President. Take a look at the videos at the link below, and tell me what you might think? (some of it is subtle, but some is obvious.)

Trump’s struggles to stand still didn’t go unnoticed during Memorial Day visit to Arlington

Remember last week, when it was making the rounds on the Book of Face that the President hasn't had his annual physical yet? And that he's essentially taking "drugs" that are known to do nothing (not even palliative in this instance) essentially Against Medical Advice? (BTW, who is his supplier? How did he get it in the first place?)

Perhaps he is hiding something. I know what I'm thinking, but I'll entertain speculation below.


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