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Coincidence or Cointellegence?
Author: Raine    Date: 07/27/2020 13:09:47

Most of us knew that it would get worse as the occupant of the White House became more desperate.

I'll admit that what we are seeing here in the states is far more ominous than I could have imagined. I am watching the scenes out of Portland and It makes me sick to my stomach what this fascist administration has foisted upon us. Back on June 20th, the occupant stated that he would send "more federal law enforcement" to New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Baltimore, Oakland, and other cities to deal with unrest: "In Portland they’ve done a fantastic job." (boldface mine)

I mention this because Baltimore has generally not been in the news regarding the BLM protests, and while some areas of the city suffer deep poverty and crime, there really hasn't been a deep shift in the situation that has made it worse. The protests were peaceful. Example:


Over the weekend, this happened.
BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A group of several dozen people protested near a Baltimore Fraternal Order of Police building Saturday night.

The group chanted “Defund 12” and held signs reading “Black Lives Matter” as they stood shoulder-to-shoulder across Buena Vista Avenue in north Baltimore near the headquarters of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 3.

Why now? I heard the story on the radio yesterday and my immediate thought was well isn't it a coincidence that just days before State AG Marylin Mosby wrote and op-ed in Wapo.

Be wary, be alert, it really does look like COINTELPRO is in full swing. I don't subscribe to conspiracy theories, but as Malcolm Nance always says, coincidences like this takes a lot of planning. The occupant is a caged rabid animal and no one is stopping him.

Oh, and his wall got blown over last night.


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