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We are all Dana Bash
Author: BobR    Date: 09/30/2020 12:45:11

Anyone who watched the "presidential" debate last night knows exactly what Dana Bash meant when she proclaimed it a "shit show" live on CNN. Other descriptive terms would include "clusterfuck", "chaotic", "embarrassment", and "waste of time". Chris Wallace (arguably the only journalist left at FOX "News") tried to keep things under control, and keep the candidates to their agreement to let the other candidate speak uninterrupted for two minutes, but that broke down after 3 minutes.

The current occupant of the White House was by far the worst offender. He had diarrhea of the mouth, in all aspects of what that means. He could not control himself (big surprise), nor did he seem to care to try. Joe Biden was never able to get his two minute response in without interruption. Joe became frustrated and called tRump a "clown" and "Putin's puppy" on various occasions, and uttered a phrase that will likely be on T-shirts for sale today: "Will you shut up, man?"

spoiler alert: he did not.

Someone counted (and I don't have a link) that Wallace was interrupted 136 times in the 90 minute debate. That count actually seems low to me.

tRump looked and acted unhinged, yelling, interrupting, with an angry face and his anus mouth all twisted up. Joe looked in turn amused, frustrated, and - rarely - angry. The one time he lost it was when talking about Beau and his military service. tRump took the moment to try to pivot to talking about Hunter Biden. I am sure tRump's die-hard supporters loved it, but I can't imagine it endeared any middle-of-the-roaders or military personnel to him.

Despite it not being on the agenda, Climate Change did get brought up. Biden tried to sell his plan that working to address global warming would create jobs and save money due to reducing natural disasters. tRump once again spewed his nonsense about "keeping the forest clean". I am sure it was meant to be a shot at the "blue states" on the west coast, but he still hasn't been told that the majority of the forests that are burning are federal lands, which means HE hasn't been doing what he thinks needs to be done.

Normally, I would list some points made, and the fact-checkers' clarifications, but there were just too many lies spewing from tRumps mouth, that it would make this blog unreadable. There are sites out there, though with fact-checking like this one.

The most jaw-dropping (and most likely to be replayed and discussed) moment occurred when Wallace tossed tRump what should have been softball: "Will you condemn White Supremacists and white supremacy groups?"

spoiler alert: he did not.

In fact, in his garbled tap-dancing, he told the Proud Boys (a neo-Nazi militia) "Stand back, and stand by". Holee-shit. By the time you read this, it's likely some White House communications person will be trying to explain what he meant to say, and tRump will just flat out gaslight America and call it "fake news". The reality is - he just refused to concede what SHOULD have been an easy point. That he would not do so in clear concise language should give everyone pause.

"Shit show" indeed.

There are two more of these scheduled, and it's anyone's guess whether they will happen. What is definite is that the moderator needs a mute button for both candidates' mics.

There will also be a vice-presidential debate, which actually promises to be the more substantial of the two. That's one we can actually look forward to.


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