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15 days until 75 days. One day
Author: Raine    Date: 10/19/2020 13:02:22

15 days. That's it, friends. We have 15 days until we stop voting. Bob has his ballot filled out and I will do the same today. We will drop them off accordingly.

Florida started early voting today and the lines are off the charts if the video I'm seeing is any indication. Like Georgia, Virginia, and Texas -- The good news is that there are such long lines. Due to voter suppression, that also bad news.

Having said that, this year is different. In Miami people we waiting in line at 5:AM this morning.

These lines are proof that people refuse to be suppressed. With 27 Million ballots already cast, It's happening all over the country.
The ballots cast so far represent almost 20% of the more than 136 million total ballots cast in the 2016 presidential election.


Early in-person voters in Georgia have already cast more than 1,450,000 ballots as of Sunday afternoon. That's up 152% from 2016 when 578,147 ballots were cast during the same period.

As of Friday, ballots are available in all 50 states and DC. In-person voting will kick off in a slate of critical swing states in the coming days.


So far in Florida, more than 2.4 million votes have been cast by mail, which is about 261,000 ballots shy of all the vote-by-mail ballots cast in 2016. Of the 2.4 million ballots received so far this year, 30% are from registered Republicans, 49% Democrats and 20% No Party Affiliation.
Kentucky began early voting on 10/13 -- They aren't allowing themselves to be suppressed either:

This isn't what Democracy should look like but in these dangerous and perilous times, it needs to look like this because if it didn't we might not get another chance.

15 days, and then the longest 2 and a half months. We made it this far -- we get through this. Keep the faith, hope like hell and them resist and persist. we've made it through 3 years and 9 months. We can get thru the last 90 days.



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