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Lort, in a nutshell.
Author: Raine    Date: 12/03/2020 13:54:26

When Victoria Jackson is trending and it wasn't anything she did, then you know this is the year of our Dear Lort, 2020. Rudy was in Michigan with his merry band of crazies yesterday because something something Hugo Chaves, Something something rigged, stolen whatever.
In yet another unhinged election fraud hearing on Wednesday night, Trump campaign attorney Rudy Giuliani—who recently had hair dye leaking down his face during a press conference in which he quoted My Cousin Vinny—appeared to be so embarrassed by one of his witnesses that he tried to shush her.

With Team Trump’s lawsuits and legal challenges repeatedly getting laughed out of court, the legal team’s latest gambit to keep President Donald Trump in the White House is to try to convince legislatures in states President-elect Joe Biden won to dismiss their states’ certifications and flip their electoral votes to Trump.
I almost feel bad for Victoria, her schtick was stolen.

Also at that 'hearing'? Well, this:

It's being examined by very serious journalists.

I'm gonna thank T-Swift and Ryan Renolds for perfectly encapsulating the year of Dear Lort, 2020 with humor and deep shade.

And in all that, it can still get more bizarre.




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