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More Weight
Author: TriSec    Date: 01/23/2021 11:09:13

Good Morning.

Longtime readers of this space are familiar with this blog's "Patron Saint".

It is of course, Giles Corey, he of the Salem Witch Trials, and pressed to death with large rocks for refusing to enter a plea during the trial.

Over the last four years, but especially over the last sixty days, the United States has felt increasingly like it was being pressed to death with large rocks. Every day, something else, more incredible than the day before, seemed to be piled upon us all.

More Weight.

On January 6 - that weight nearly became unbearable. But even at that late date, we managed to hang on for the last two weeks until that weight was lifted.

It has felt like the great relief that it is. "I can't breathe" is very specific and I can't steal the phrase for politics, but didn't we all feel like that?

President Biden hasn't wasted any time. In marked contrast to his predecessor, he is sprinting out of the gate and trying very hard to patch up this sinking ship. Executive orders can sometimes be re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic, but not this time.

Thirty orders have come forth - one third of them immediately reversing policies of the preceding administration. There are a few that I am deeply pleased with.

Masks? Check. WHO? Check. Paris Accords? Check.

But even more esoteric ones that are significant.

1776 Commission? Gone. Keystone Pipeline? Dead. Religious travel bans? All gone.

I am reminded of a phrase from history - it was concerning the Marshall Plan after WWII.

“It was like a lifeline to sinking men,” he said. “It seemed to bring hope where
there was none. The generosity of it was beyond our belief.”

There is still much work to be done. These were no halting baby steps - these were in many ways, great strides away from the discredited leaders of the past.

I was most struck this week by a brief report on the BBC. Listening on the day after, January 21, their reporter was breathlessly reporting on the US Senate. There were hearings taking place. Committees at work. Nominees being questioned and approved - as if the ordinary business of running the country was an extraordinary thing.

Joe Biden isn't flashy or charismatic - but after four years of bombast, I am certainly ready for quiet competence.


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