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Slow News Day
Author: BobR    Date: 06/02/2021 13:35:01

Sorry for the lame blog today - I had a work meeting this morning at 9:00, and wasn't inspired last night. The news bits that are floating around don't provide much grist (like the Orange Menace claiming he'll be reinstated as president).

There is also the very big story about this being the 100th anniversary of the assault on Tulsa's Greenwood neighborhood. I've been watching some of the TV specials and documentaries, and have learned things about it I didn't know before. This is much too big of a gross moment in our country's history for me to do it justice in this little blog.

Cicadas? Been there, done that.

There's the non-talking filibuster rule which is once again allowing a tyranny of the minority.

Also - Netanyahu may finally be pushed out in Israel. Hopefully, that brings a change for the better with regard to how the Palestinians are treated.

Anyway - back to work for me

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