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The Return
Author: Raine    Date: 06/07/2021 13:06:24

Good morning. We returned from NY basically unscathed. We went out to est with my Sister's family Friday night.


Earlier that day, we took my Mom to lunch at a diner. This was probably the first time she went out to eat in a few years. Even before this pandemic hit she was reluctant to go out. The Diner had a handwritten sign that all of its employees were vaccinated which I thought was kind. I felt strangely normal even with the protocols in place. We wore masks when told and I wore mine when it fit my level of discomfort. That level is slowly going away.

Later in the evening, with every tired Mom left at home, We went to dinner across the river. There's a place in Kingston called the Rondout. It a lively area that sits upon the Rondout creek. After a delightful hibachi dinner and a few cocktails, we strolled along the waterfront. A band was playing at an outdoor venue. Children were walking with parents and grandparents. The air was bright and refreshing. The next day, a few old friends came over and we had a bit of an impromptu gathering. The things I missed more than anything are finally returning.

It felt good to feel that kind of freedom. It felt good to be vaccinated. It felt good to enjoy the company of loved ones after a year and a half.



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