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Unvaccinated has always been the problem
Author: Raine    Date: 07/26/2021 13:10:34

Good Monday morning. After reading TriSec's weekend blog it got me thinking about the 2 Americas. After spending time this weekend with dear high school friends, I generally agree that we have divisions but sometimes nuance and context is important. We all were vaccinated and Bob is recovering from what little estrogen4 middle-aged women have, but I digress.

We grew up together and - after high school - we went our different ways and later reconnected thru social media. They are still wonderful. One friend stayed local and attended our county community college. The other two attended SUNY 4 year colleges -- essentially leaving the place where we grew up. Of the latter two friends, they entered education; one as a teacher the other as a counselor, and later a middle school principal. One left the state and the other relocated to the NY capital region. All of you know my story.

Two of them have adult children, one is soon to be a Grandmother.

Our parents were middle to lower class. We have differing views of where this country is going socially and otherwise. There was very little political talk but one thing I observed is that our life events really shaped the way we view the events of the nation and world.

Even though it's a universal truth, it's easy to forget that when we are laughing, enjoying, and celebrating decades-old friendship. Not all my decades-old friendships have survived, especially in the last 5 years. I will not be associated with people who lean into authoritarianism, I will not tolerate White supremacy. That is my line in the sand.

I will no longer tolerate overall - and this is not nuanced - those who can get vaccinated, but still refuse it. I was thinking about writing a blog about this subject and I came across a posting over at a forum I've been a part of since 2004. Here it is in its entirety.
Last night I was channel hopping and stumbled across a panel on CNN. Two experts, one apparently a physician, and the moderator, discussing what is now another wave of infections--entirely foreseen, entirely preventable, and entirely the result of Republicans (mostly) rejecting the calls to be vaccinated.

This led into a discussion of how using the term "a pandemic of the un-vaccinated" somehow was offensive to un-vaccinated people. And they all seemed to agree: yes, we should all stop using that expression!

WTF?! Why oh why oh why are we still in this frame of mind where we're the ones who have to defer to them? These are folks who through their stubborn foolishness have sabotaged our response to the pandemic. Hundreds of thousands have died, millions may have their long term health compromised. Those in school sacrificed more than a year of their education, a year of their childhood while we were waiting for the vaccines in order to spare the lives of the very people who are now putting them at risk.

This is a pattern now. We can't call the most racist, homophobic, misogynist supporters of Mango Mussolini "deplorables" because it offends them. We can't call the president a liar even when we know he's lying because... I don't know, decorum? After the election we were told by pundits not to rub Orange Dubious' face in the loss because "he needs time to process."

Did any of that work? Did the media holding back for four or more years somehow ameliorate any of the horrible shit they put this country through?

I didn't listen long enough to hear why these pundits think playing nice with these folks will make any difference whatsoever, but maybe someone can fill me in.

Here's how I see it: our house is on fire, and we're asked to please be nice to the people who have put up a barricade to prevent the fire trucks from getting through.

Has anyone else heard this newest appeal to make nice so as not to hurt the fee fee's of the anti-vaxxers? Can anyone explain to me how not using the term "pandemic of the un-vaccinated" will somehow sway these folks to join us in objective reality?
One of my friends was truly vaccine-hesitant - she got hers after she realized she wanted to see her family in another state. Another is a breast cancer survivor and got her shot asap. The Administrative educator is terrified of shots but she chose to lead her school district by example.

We all have different positions politically I'm the furthest left, two are in the center-left/right, and one is conservative. None disagreed that this is a 'pandemic of the unvaccinated', you know why?

It's never was anything other than that.


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