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Author: BobR    Date: 12/08/2021 13:48:26

It's becoming glaringly apparent that the right-wing (especially the under-educated segment) is attracted to authoritarianism - so long as THEY are the ones in charge. The have a fetish over gun ownership and displays of power. They approve of 20th century Nazi tactics, while also displaying their white supremacy feelings.

Just this past weekend, a group of neo-Nazis staged a march in the middle of DC. They wore white "gators" instead of white robes and hoods, but they were intent on expressing their position without revealing who they were. Some of the details would be comically bizarre if the overall essence wasn't so concerning. They made plastic shields, and used a rented U-haul truck as a "troop carrier". They were booed by bystanders, but since they didn't have their precious guns with them, they didn't retaliate.

Kyle Rittenhouse - the murderer forgiven by the justice system for his deadly shooting spree in WI - is a bit of a hero for the RW. To them, he used his "2nd Amendments rights" to defend himself after putting himself in a situation where he could do so. Certain members of Congress have stated they'd love to have him work for them, which is pandering to the gun humpers in the worst way. The so-called "Proud Boys" staged a "Kyle Rittenhouse Appreciation" rally in Salt Lake City. This is as gross as it gets.

Okay - it does get grosser. Every detail that comes out about the school shooting in Michigan is appalling. The parents bought an obviously troubled teen a Ruger pistol, they ignored school warnings about his mental state, they laughed and told him not to get caught while Googling ammunition in class. After he was arrested, it was clear the parents were culpable, and an indictment was issued for them. They left their child to be represented by a public defender, got $4K from an ATM, and went into hiding. They also hired an attorney for themselves.

When TFG was booted out of office, we all breathed a sigh of relief and hoped things would get back to normal. The bullies of society, however, were not about to crawl back under their rocks. They had 4 years of living their best lives, and they are loathe to give that up.

Perhaps the only change is that they are starting to feel the consequences. Ahmaud Arbery's murderers got convicted. Ethan Crumbly's parents got arrested. Lara Logan of FOX "News" was castigated by a colleague for comparing Dr. Anthony Fauci to Nazi doctor Josef Mengele. The projection with these people is galling. They don't know the difference between socialism, communism, and totalitarianism, and think that Antifa is fascist.

To paraphrase a line in Animal House: Loud, arrogant, and stupid is no way to go through life.

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