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The P in Toilet is Silent
Author: BobR    Date: 01/12/2022 13:50:00

It's been over a year since the vaccine for COVID-19 came out. Remember that this is the vaccine against a "fake" disease that TFG's supporters thought he should get credit for and yet they refuse to take. Previous to the vaccine there were "alternative" approaches suggested by TFG that ranged from injecting bleach to sticking a UV light down your throat. It was enough to make Dr. Anthony Fauci facepalm at press conferences.

Once the vaccine was released, it was a whole new ballgame. There have been anti-vaxxers around for years, but this (and the easy access to the internet, plus political balkanization) sent a large subset of the U.S. population down the "alternative therapy" rabbit hole. Never mind that these alternatives range from ineffective to dangerously harmful.

The latest stupidity is drinking your own urine.

Yes, you read that correctly. Yes, the founder of the so-called "Vaccine Police" has gotten these "anything but the vaccine" people to try yet another stupid approach:
What’s the latest so-called Covid-19 antidote being pushed by an anti-vaxxer? Well, urine for a surprise.

Yes, Christopher Key, who maintains the “Vaccine Police” anti-vaxx website, is apparently now touting urine therapy. In this case, urine therapy is not sitting down with a jug of your urine and talking about its feelings. Instead, it’s drinking your own urine, because why not, right? After all, what won’t anti-vaxxers and others pushing different so-called alternative therapies try to convince you to do instead of getting Covid-19 vaccines?


Key tried to support his assertion by saying, “This has been around for centuries,” which is what you could also say about body lice, toe fungus, and sloth dung. He also mentioned “research” and “peer-reviewed publications on urine,” without offering much more specifics on these. It would have been helpful to hear more about this supposed research and how the studies were designed since it’s not easy to find such “pee-reviewed” studies in the scientific literature. For example, a PubMed search for “urine therapy” and “Covid-19” today returned zero results

And you thought horse de-wormer was stupid?

Not unlike the HealthcareReformMyths website we put out way back when the ACA was being debated, John Hopkins - a well-respected medical facility in the Baltimore area - created their own Snopes-style COVID site: COVID-19 myth-vs-fact. Will the anti-vaxxers pay attention? Of course not... but you can't blame them for trying. As long as this remains politicized, the right-wingers will continue to do anything other than admit that the vaccine is the answer.


I swear somebody must be punking them. As Raine said - I'm waiting for them to be told eating your own poop works too...

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