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First, they came for the 'Abortionists'...
Author: BobR    Date: 2022-05-04 12:00:00

Yesterday, the country awoke to some shocking news: the SCOTUS - stacked with TFG picks - will be turning the clock back 50 years on women. The right to privacy, the right for women to control their own bodies, the right for a woman and doctor to determine what medical procedure(s) to perform are all going into the trash bin.

According to a leaked draft decision, they court majority has decided that Row v Wade is to be overturned, with the right to have an abortion returned to the states. Nearly half of the states in this country will have legislation ready to ban abortion as soon as the decision drops (which will be in a month or two).

Rape victims? Consider the rapist's spawn to be "a blessing" (that no state legislator will be taking care of).

The young couple who aren't yet ready to start a family when the condom breaks or the pill doesn't work? Sorry.

It's the Handmaid's Tale. Women have been reduced to chattal. They are simply vessels to bring unwanted pregnancies to fruition, and then treated like parasites when they need financial help.

This does beg the question: What's next? Now that the anti-choice theocrats have gotten their way, what will be the next target?

Will it be birth control pills?... Birth control in general?... A women's right to have a credit card?... to own property?

This will overwhelmingly hurt young and/or poor women moreso than women of means. This will shut down "abortion clinics", but women with insurance or money will still be going to their OB/GYN doctor and get a "D&C" (which will remove any pregnancy in the process).

It seems that Congress needs to act and act now. It will be tough getting it through the Senate, but a carve out in the filibuster is necessary in this case. We need a women's rights act that simply states:

"No state or federal government legislation may be enacted which deprives a person of sovereignty over their own persons".

Do it now.

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