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Author: TriSec    Date: 07/30/2022 11:15:08

New summer morning
Heat rises and never fades
The Earth is on fire

Ah, Haiku. Apparently, my God-given talent. As you know, I can nearly instantly produce a Haiku on any subject. So rapidly that some online have accused me of having a weird, online Haiku generator.

I do not.

But I've dug around a bit recently, looking to expand my horizons in this art form. I recently discovered that I don't quite write traditional Haiku. It's more of a Western form that the Japanese call "Senryu".

Haiku is somewhat specific in form - of course the typical 5-7-5 meter, but it requires two things, called called Kigo and Kireji. Instead of me trying to explain, let's use a classic Haiku as an example.

The traditional form must contain a seasonal word known as a kigo and it must also contain a juxtaposition known as a kireji. For example, Basho’s poem about a frog: “An old pond / A frog jumps / Sound of water.” The pond is the kigo and the kireji or cut appears between the jumping frog and the sound of water.

I am not terribly inspired to write them on a routine basis, and sometimes I do it for fun or as a party trick just as a throwaway, but I have kept most of my best ones.

The classic remains.

G thinks he can play / syncopation and blue notes / he only blows goats.

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