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The Petri Dish
Author: Raine    Date: 08/04/2022 12:49:02

A little over three years ago, (April 2019) a state Supreme court ruled that its state constitution protected a woman's right to abortion care. It was also in that state where George Tiller was murdered. Dr. Tilller was the Medical Director of one of only three clinics that proved late pregnancy termination. That State?
The landmark ruling now stands as the law of the land in Kansas with no path for an appeal. Because it turns on the state's Constitution, abortion would remain legal in Kansas even if the Roe v. Wade case that established a national right to abortion is ever reversed by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The decision turbocharged efforts among conservative legislators to ask voters to add an abortion ban to the Kansas Constitution. Lawmakers return to the capital, Topeka, next week.
This as you know went to a vote on Tuesday. With record turnout nearing presidential election years, the amendment was rejected. In a clear shot across the bow, the citizens of Kansas said "no" to extremists. Do you want to see what else they were voting on? Take a look at the ballot.

There was no person on the ballot. Nobody. People overwhelmingly came to ensure their own constitutional rights. That's amazing and terrifying if you think about it. Perhaps the extremism has gone too far. Now in reality, not every state can approach preventing rights from being taken away thru a ballot measure. That's why voting to elect officials who will protect our fundamental rights enshrined not just in federal jurisdiction but in states as well is so important.

The petri dish is the state legislatures and executive branches. That is where this all started and where it must end. What the GOP has been doing is getting people killed (e.g.: Dr. Tiller, and the many many victims of Eric Rudolph). These religious fanatics are the ones electing these political extremists to state legislatures all over the country. These extreme politicians then nominate extremists to the judicial branches and eventually they found their way to the federal level and here we are now. We have one entire political party that simply does not value over 50% of this country. Last night, Jennifer Rubin (former republican and current opinion writer for WaPo) was on MSNBC. She makes the point that we are no longer in a place where this is a hypothetical. It is real and this is all intended.
MAXWELL: Jennifer, do you think [the shocking result] could be because of some of the stories that we've been reading just in the last couple of weeks? You mentioned earlier the woman in Texas who carried her dead fetus inside of her for two weeks because of the Texas ban on abortion, post-Dobbs. Speak to those unintended consequences and that wake-up call that Cecile [Richards, former head of Planned Parenthood] is talking about. Did the anti-abortion movement perhaps underestimate the backlash that they would receive after Dobbs?

RUBIN: I actually don't think it was unintended. This is exactly what they think of women, this is exactly what they think of abortion. the Supreme Court put absolutely no value on women's fundamental rights, on their health, on their lives, and this is the natural consequence of what they did.
It's not just abortion, mind you -- it's issues like guns and massacres, corruption, insurrection. The Petri dishes in the states are where this all begins and ends.

The Republican party is stripping rights away. The Democratic party is protecting them expanding them and will return them. It's that simple.




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