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The Storms to come
Author: Raine    Date: 09/26/2022 12:55:46

Good morning and welcome to another week. We're watching Hurricane Ian as it looks like it will make landfall Wednesday or Thursday. This sucker looks pretty wicked.

Also on Wednesday will be another (and possibly final) January 6 committee hearing. There will be a lot to unpack for Thursday.

So for today, with all the stuff happening, ranging from protests in Russia & Iran; Facist election elections in Italy & GOP politicians celebrating it, I just wanna take a breath. There's gonna be a lot more than just Hurricane Ian this week, it appears.

If you have any friends on the gulf of Florida, light a candle for them. As I watch the models, it looks like one of my favorite vacation places may be fairly devasted. It's a little town just north and east of Clearwater Beach and it is not touristy. We were just there a month ago with my sister and her family. I am hoping our little slice of happiness will be there when we go back. I am grateful that we have that.


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