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Uber Florida Man
Author: BobR    Date: 03/15/2023 12:12:12

The whole "Florida Man" thing is life imitating meme, and for a reason. Like the old supermarket tabloids with their fantastical (and fake) headlines, none of the Florida Man stories seemed plausible. That most are authentic is a real testament to the complex and differentiated mental damages brought about by heat and meth.

When you think Florida Man, you think of some crazed redneck yahoo with sunburn and a confederate flag flying from their jacked-up pickup truck. If a bill in the state legislature succeeds, that flag will be specifically allowed to fly from government buildings:
Florida Sen. Jay Collins (R-Tampa) has filed a new Florida amendment that proposes a law to prohibit certain flags from being displayed by governmental agencies, local governments, and other units of local government. The Confederate flag is included in the list of permitted flags, while the bill does not explicitly address LGBTQ+ flags.

Nice job, Florida. This is one of the few atrocities committed in FL that doesn't have Gov. Ron DeSantis' name attached. He's waging his own personal social agenda, partly (I'm sure) to drum up support and a checklist of "accomplishments" he can use when running for president. He's pro-gun, but anti-war (in Ukraine, anyway). He's anti-LGB... hell, he's against anything that isn't straight man and straight woman married sex for the express purpose of pro-creation (if you're white, anyway).

So he's a bigoted, homophobic, sunburnt redneck working in a building that will likely be flying the confederate flag.

Yep - he's the ideal Florida Man... as long as he stays there.

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