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Let the Hijinks Begin!
Author: BobR    Date: 01/31/2024 14:01:32

With the 2024 election season in full swing, it looks to be a repeat of 2020. By that, I mean that republicans will do all they can to prevent the will of the voters from being enacted, since they know they can't win on merit alone.

As we all know, Taylor Swift has apparently struck a nerve with the same NFL fans who supposedly stopped watching American football because of allowing Colin Kaepernick to take a knee during the national anthem. However, once she encouraged young people to vote (and drove tens of thousands of young fans to register to vote), the RNC put a target on her. This has led to absurd levels of stupidity, none more so than a RW conspiracy theory regarding Swift, Kelci, and... President Biden?
high-profile conservative figures are promoting the unfounded idea that Swift, the NFL and the Democratic Party are together involved in a “psyop” campaign to deliver the election to Biden. Fox News host Jesse Watters recently suggested that Swift was a “front for a covert political agenda” and bizarrely called her a “Pentagon asset” — which, of course, the Pentagon denied.

“As for this conspiracy theory, we are going to shake it off,” a Pentagon spokesperson told the Daily Beast.

By that logic, Swift’s appearances at Chiefs games isn’t to cheer on her boyfriend or even to promote her tour — it’s really to get the country to vote blue in November.

LOL - the Pentagon quoting a Taylor Swift song...

As republicans try in earnest to increase republican voter participation by trashing Swift, et al, they are also doing their best to ensure that tRumpy gets into the White House with the same protections as King George. Exhibit A is their blatant attempt to scuttle the GA criminal case by passing state legislation to oust Fani Willis.

At least one Arizona republican is saying the quiet part out loud, that they think the party - not the voters - should decide who "wins" the republican primary. The RNC even entertained a motion to declare tRumpy the presumptive nominee for their party.

The party needs to take a deep breath and try to consider the fallout of pushing Nikki Haley aside, and then have tRumpy convicted in court. A large swath of moderates have stated in polls that they would not vote for him if he was convicted (what does that say about moderates who would vote for him were he not convicted?) They could easily be setting themselves up for a blowout loss (which would be fine by me).

I keep wondering when this fever-dream will break, and the republican party steps back from the brink of self-immolation. What will it take to relegate "tRumpism" to the anals - er annals - of history?

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