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Wash, Rinse, Repeat
Author: BobR    Date: 02/28/2024 14:12:05

Am I getting to old for this shit? It seems that every day, we sink a little bit lower.

Yesterday was the primary in Michigan. As expected, tRumpy and President Biden won their respective races. On the Dem side, those who oppose the actions taken by Israel post-terrorist attack voted for "uncommitted" instead. On the Rep side, Nikki Haley got a sizeable chunk of the vote from the never-tRumpers. This would seem like the perfect time for Dems to unite and snag all those Haley voters in the general, but no... Dems gonna Dem.

Out best bet for getting the tRump cabal off the streets is the case in GA, which is being undermined by the legal attack on Prosecutor Fani Willis, something the GA governor says is politically-based:
Georgia’s governor said that he has to be “careful” when talking about the topic, but shared that he thinks the case has gotten “more political” in light of the recent scrutiny Willis is under after admitting to having a romantic relationship with Nathan Wade, an attorney she hired for the case.

“I gotta be careful about what I say here because I was subpoenaed by Fani, with Willis in the special Grand Jury,” Kemp said during his appearance on NewsNation Tuesday. “But it’s hard to believe that a process that I think many people, including myself believe is very political, regardless of the merits behind the case, has gotten even more political now because of her actions and those of Mr. Wade and others.”

There is also the ongoing effort by the MTG's of the House to find something they can use to retaliate for the impeachment of Der Leader. The case was based on an "informant" who not only lied to the FBI, but is also connected with the Russian disinformation campaign against Biden. They were hoping this would be a cudgel at the "but her emails" level, but they saw it evaporate before their eyes.

All this and looking at yet another looming Republican-created government shutdown.

Yeah, I am definitely getting to old for this shit.

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