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The Shame of the Nation
Author: BobR    Date: 11/28/2007 13:40:27

For years now, George Bush has embarrassed this nation. From his ignominious start with the Supreme Court appointment to his antics before and after "Mission Accomplished", along with all of his mispronunciations, he has looked and acted the buffoon.

Who can forget his schoolboy-forgot-to-study explanation of sovereignty? He repeated the word as part of the definition, stabbing out the syllables in his patented way as if that was all the explanation needed. Hell - who can forget ANY of his mangled syntax?

Who can forget his attempt at a "back rub" on German Chancellor Angela Merkel?... or proclaiming certain nations to be members of an "axis of evil"?


But he's definitely outdone himself this time. Here he is mangling the names of the participants at the peace conference he put together:

(NOTE: If that doesn't show up for you, you can watch it here.)

Considering he had just met with Al Gore (and other Nobel Peace prize winners) a few days previous, it seems this whole peace conference is a rather transparent attempt for him to finagle one of those for himself.

It would help if he were actually going to participate in the conference. But no, he sets the thing up at some hotel, then walks away and waits in his office for his award to arrive. His sum total participation was 3 hours. By contrast, Jimmy Carter spent days with Begin and Sadat at Camp David.

I don't think it can be said often enough - He's a disgrace to this nation.

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