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Repairing our National Trauma
Author: BobR    Date: 10/28/2020 12:58:42

This will be my last missive before Election Day next week. I will not exhort you to vote, because if you are reading this, then I know you will be voting (if you haven't already). Instead, I will be passing along what I feel like a new Biden administration must do (and - in that way - show what's at stake here).

There are some things which would need to be addressed immediately:
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10 comments (Latest Comment: 10/28/2020 17:37:08 by livingonli)

Ask a Vet
Author: TriSec    Date: 10/27/2020 09:27:47

Good Morning.

A few things happening today.
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6 comments (Latest Comment: 10/27/2020 16:06:00 by wickedpam)

7 days...
Author: Raine    Date: 10/26/2020 13:12:25

Good Monday morning. We have 7 days until the end of voting and it is looking like record turnout all over the country. Today is going to be a brutal one.
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8 comments (Latest Comment: 10/26/2020 21:11:20 by livingonli)

Casualties of Covid
Author: TriSec    Date: 10/24/2020 12:20:32

Good morning. Fuck Trump, and if you support him, fuck you.
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Fun Friday
Author: wickedpam    Date: 10/23/2020 12:59:34

AOC is totally sus! Don't know if anyone here watched but a few days ago Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar played Among Us on Twitch. Live there were over 400,000 views since then its no topped 5 MILLON!

Didn't get to watch all of it but it was fun and delightful and she talked politics and life with gamers that was just so refreshing. Is it bad that just flipping normal communication and the exchange of ideas is refreshing?

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5 comments (Latest Comment: 10/23/2020 19:33:32 by livingonli)

Just putting this here:
Author: Raine    Date: 10/22/2020 13:07:04

I love the Biden/harris campaign idea to have Drive-In style rallies.
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3 comments (Latest Comment: 10/22/2020 18:19:41 by livingonli)

Two More Weeks
Author: BobR    Date: 10/21/2020 13:05:23

We are less than two weeks away from election day. This is where things really start to get dicey, with dirty tricks and desperate moves being used to force the ubiquitous "October Surprise". Sadly, the surprise for tRump is that all of his attempts have fallen flat, and early voting is bigger than ever before. This kind of massive turnout does not bode well for him. However, that doesn't mean he's accepted his fate yet.

First was "Obamagate", which was supposed to blow the lid off of President Obama "investigating" tRump and his campaign illegally. The Justice Department (that would be tRump's lapdog AG Barr) investigated and determined it was a big NothingBurger. Next came Hunter Biden's laptop and - I am not making this up - his emails. This is proving to also be a big NothingBurger with a heaping side of borscht (yes, that's a Russian propaganda joke. I'll be here all week... try the veal... tip your waitress).
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9 comments (Latest Comment: 10/21/2020 20:32:56 by BobR)

Ask a Vet
Author: TriSec    Date: 10/20/2020 09:27:19

Good Morning.

There's not a whole lot going on out there today.
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9 comments (Latest Comment: 10/20/2020 18:34:52 by livingonli)

15 days until 75 days. One day
Author: Raine    Date: 10/19/2020 13:02:22

15 days. That's it, friends. We have 15 days until we stop voting. Bob has his ballot filled out and I will do the same today. We will drop them off accordingly.

Florida started early voting today and the lines are off the charts if the video I'm seeing is any indication. Like Georgia, Virginia, and Texas -- The good news is that there are such long lines. Due to voter suppression, that also bad news.
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7 comments (Latest Comment: 10/19/2020 15:40:38 by Raine)

Fall in New England
Author: TriSec    Date: 10/17/2020 10:29:17

Well, I felt like doing an open blog today. I saw a panda yesterday; let's look at some leaves today.
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1 comments (Latest Comment: 10/17/2020 14:37:56 by BobR)

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