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Saturday Open
Author: TriSec    Date: 02/16/2013 14:09:44

I couldn't bring myself to write about Scouts for the third week in a row. At least today is our Blue & Gold banquet....we're CELEBRATING Scouting instead of DEFENDING it this week.

Get out and play in that new snow!

Except the Southern branch of the blog, I hate you all.


4 comments (Latest Comment: 02/17/2013 01:30:32 by TriSec)
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Comment by livingonli on 02/16/2013 17:07:39
Don't remind me since we're supposed to get more snow today. Maybe not much, but it will add insult to injury.

Comment by Raine on 02/16/2013 18:31:50
Why that's Florida, New York!

I loved this story, and Rhode Island -- you Rock the cock!

The townsfolk in South Kingstown, Rhode Island were none too happy this week to discover that one of their neighbors built a 12-foot tall sculpture of a penis out of snow, in clear view of a neighborhood road.

Police told The Providence Journal that they responded to calls about the phallic creation four different times in two days, but did nothing because it was on private property.

Of course, it didn’t have to be 12-feet tall. But when the mother of the teenage boys who built the thing saw how people were reacting, she felt like driving the point home a little.

“They’re teenage boys — there’s worse things they could be doing,” she told a Huffington Post reporter. “It was innocent. And to be honest, knowing that it pissed people off gave us a little charge. If you have nothing else to do in your day other than complain about a snow penis, we’ll make it 12 feet tall.”
The Huffington Post reported that the snow penis was demolished just two hours after it posted the original story. “It’s just a big pair of balls now,” Raylene Worthington, the mother of the 16-year-old responsible for the sculpture, told HuffPo.

Comment by Raine on 02/16/2013 19:13:51
WAnt 12 minutes of fun -- and a blast from the past? Listen to this!

Comment by TriSec on 02/17/2013 01:30:32
Quote by Raine:
Why that's Florida, New York!