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Author: BobR    Date: 06/09/2021 13:44:14

Here in the U.S. we tend to think of even-numbered years as "election years". House members have to run every 2 years, the president every 4 years, and senators every 6 years. Odd-numbered years, however, are - in some cases - election years for state and local races. I focus on the commonwealth of VA, both because of its proximity to DC, and for it being my former home for 9 years.

Yesterday was primary day in VA for the Democratic party. In VA, the governor serves a 4-year term, and cannot serve consecutive terms. This is Governor Northam's last year in the Governor's mansion. Who will be on the ballot in November for the Democratic party?

None other than long-term party operative Terry McAuliffe. He - along with existing AG Mark Herring won their respective primary races, as did several incumbents for the state houses. McAuliffe has the advantage of name-recognition, as well as a wealth of experience in party politics. Here's hoping that helps propel him over the challengers from the Republican party.

You may not have caught it, but I mentioned yesterday was the primary for the Democratic party. But what about the Republican party?

It's apparent that the party in VA decided they didn't trust their own voters to chose the candidates who should run for state office. So - they've gone with a "convention" model for choosing the candidates for state-wide races. They explain this as being necessitated because the state has "open" primaries, but I would say it's more that they fear a populist candidate whose positions don't jibe with party dogma winning the hearts and minds (and votes) of the electorate.

This paranoid mindset seems on-brand for the Republican party, which makes me even happier to be part of the "big tent" party. Here's hoping that my party doesn't start requiring litmus-test adherance as well.

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Comment by wickedpam on 06/09/2021 13:30:16

Comment by wickedpam on 06/09/2021 14:07:01
Yeah, the Repubs did some sort of weird kabuki drive-in and picked Youngkin who's a Trashhole disciple. And the Repub woman up for LT Gov is also nutty.

I hope McAuliffe kicks his butt. If not they doesn't trend well for the start staying blue and keeping all the good progress that's been made.

My district Lee Carter got primaried and lost. Ngl, I've not been a fan of his, he's really kind of a jerk. We have new candidate that's going to taking on yet another crazy Repub dentist who was whiney about the state shut down and a tRumper.

Comment by Raine on 06/09/2021 14:14:39
Cicadas be gone!

Good Morning, everybody!

Comment by Raine on 06/09/2021 14:20:28
Comment by Will in Chicago on 06/09/2021 14:54:30
Good morning!!!

Does anyone know why I am hearing yesterday's shows on WCPT and the Progressive Voices Tune-In stream?

Comment by wickedpam on 06/09/2021 15:24:01
Quote by Will in Chicago:
Good morning!!!

Does anyone know why I am hearing yesterday's shows on WCPT and the Progressive Voices Tune-In stream?

Technical issues I believe. They are live on FSTV

Comment by Scoopster on 06/09/2021 15:35:22
Sigh.. I just had to unfollow a socialist streamer for denying the Uighyr genocide by the Chinese. OH MY WE CAN'T POSSIBLY TALK BAD ABOUT THE GREAT COMRADE XI JINPING! ONLY 8 PEOPLE HAVE COME FORWARD THAT'S NOT A GENOCIDE!

Comment by Raine on 06/09/2021 15:43:09
Le sigh. I am having a sorta bored day.

Comment by livingonli on 06/09/2021 15:51:47
Good morning. AC is finally running but my skin is a mess because it broke out with the heat, humidity, and sweat.