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Author: Raine    Date: 11/28/2022 13:58:00

Now that we have Thanksgiving in the rearview window, I want to say Happy Holidays to everyone!

Except those who celebrated with an Antisemite and a Nazi last week. That expectation is also extended to every member of a certain party who did not denounce what happened in Florida last week. Oh, and for those anti-TFG people, well...

Today, after the news of Trump’s dinner and the thundering silence that followed it, conservative anti-Trumper Bill Kristol tweeted: “Aren’t there five decent Republicans in the House who will announce they won’t vote for anyone for Speaker who doesn’t denounce their party’s current leader, Donald Trump, for consorting with the repulsive neo-Nazi Fuentes?”

So far, at least, the answer is no.

This is the monster they built years ago and now they are surprised at Frankenstein. All those years ago, they gambled and didn't care where this was heading.

The very fact that the White House had to release this statement just about tells me all there is to know about the current GOP. Frankly, they are a hate movement.




4 comments (Latest Comment: 11/28/2022 22:25:24 by TriSec)
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Comment by Will_in_LA on 11/28/2022 14:23:18
Good morning, bloggers!!!!

Sadly, TFG seems determined to double down on attracting his hardline base. I doubt that any of those GOP Congressional members who will be in the House next year will say anything.

Comment by Raine on 11/28/2022 15:00:53
Good morning!

Comment by BobR on 11/28/2022 15:01:50
I think the word we're looking for here is "cowards". They are NOT going to stand up to the bully, so the bully won't stop.

Comment by TriSec on 11/28/2022 22:25:24
Hi all.

November 28,2022.

Today is the anniversary of the Cocoanut Grove fire here in Boston. I've written about it in this space previously; you could look it ip.

Today in Boston, there was a ceremony to remember - and I've just heard that next year, a proper memorial will be dedicated - some 81 years on.