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Reaping the Whirlwind
Author: BobR    Date: 06/05/2024 13:46:30

We are in the middle of election season, and things are as chaotic and messy as ever. For years, republicans have been hammering away at democrats with racist border hysteria. Republicans keep accusing Democrats of being soft on border security, but when they have an opportunity to vote on a bill, they keep shooting it down. This led to President Biden calling their bluff, and implementing his own border policy.

Naturally, this is not making republicans happy, who - after Der Leder's 34 convictions - need the border "crisis" to campaign on. Naturally, the top nutjob in the House is threatening impeachment over this:
Pressed on what would happen if Johnson declined to put the articles of impeachment on the floor for a vote, Greene said she would force a vote.

“I’ll just drop them on the floor and then we can vote and see where everybody stands,” she told reporters. “I’m mad. I didn’t come up here to hang out with everybody and go ‘oh, hey, guys.’ I mean, my people at home are mad. Everybody across this country are furious. We don’t want a banana republic — we want an actual legitimate government. We want a real justice system. We don’t have one right now.”

Wait - what? She claims this is about the border, yet she brings in the Justice system? Methinks this is about the tRumpy convictions (bonus click: senate republicans dare to warn Judge Merchan against sending Convicted Felon tRump to jail). She also wants Dr. Anthony Fauci to go to jail for his "evil science". Yes Marjorie 3-Toes, I am sure you consider science "evil" because you just don't understand it.

What this boils down to is campaigning. They need something to campaign on - they certainly have zero records of accomplishment. It seems like they could have voted to approve the border bill, and taken credit for helping to resolve a problem that they believe exists. However, that would mean approving a bi-partisan bill, allowing Dems to take some credit.

They also know what happens when the dog catches the tire... The abortion battle proved that one out. Now there are professors in TX who want to fail female students who seek an abortion. The TX anti-abortion law also is having the expected unexpected consequences, like this couple who simply needed a dead fetus the mother was carrying out of her womb (too much to quote here - go ahead and read it, and prepare to be angry).

The saddest part of all of this is that despite the lack of accomplishing anything, despite 34 convictions for their presumed presidential candidate, despite the usual coterie performing their moronic grandstanding, and despite voting against solutions to problems they claim to be critical, they are still in the race.

The only way to beat them back is by sheer numbers at the polls. Hopefully that would finally de-tRump the Republican party, so we can get back to arguing over governance policy, and leave this insanity behind.


3 comments (Latest Comment: 06/06/2024 14:43:25 by TriSec)
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Comment by Raine on 06/05/2024 14:04:52
I would like a legitimate government as well...

Good Morning!

Comment by Raine on 06/05/2024 15:25:31
DC voted 63% for haley in the primary yesterday

Comment by TriSec on 06/06/2024 14:43:25
I have little optimism, unfortunately.

The hate in this nation is too strong; we spend more time fighting with ourselves than doing anything for the betterment of our fellow man or society.