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Author: TriSec    Date: 06/12/2010 12:05:19

Good Morning.

I seem to be in the same rut as Bob....but I can't even find any wacky news to post today.

A quick skim of the local headlines gives me embezzlement, Ponzi schemes, mutilated rabbits (A kid broke into a construction company, and when he couldn't crack the safe, he killed the pet rabbits in the office), and not much else.

I did get an interesting tweet from my city counsilor, though. It's a retweet, but maybe you all should post it too.

US Soccer fans should chant "BEAT BP" today at the soccer match. Do you think they'd get the point?

I did hear a rumor that there's some kind of Tea Party thing happening right here in Waltham, but I'm unfortunately at the store today so I won't be able to go and observe.

It's also Pride Day in Boston...I swear I'll make it there sometime, my friend keeps asking me to go with him. We did do the AIDS walk years ago.

Anyway....have at it.

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