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F*ck the Donald
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 05/01/2011 13:13:15

Seriously, I'm sick to death of this guy. Admittedly, he was amusing for awhile, a very, very short while but now I just want him gone. I am against seeing anyone suffer, but for Donald Trump I might make an exception. And it would be karmic anyway, as I'm pretty sure he has made many people suffer and die.

This [insert adjective choice here: Adulterer - - bully - - draft dodger - - media whore - - Liar - - racist - - greedy] man has even started to loose his shine with the press. The PRESS! The same press that have in the past had to sit through obvious lies from our previous administration and then robotically report them as fact with a perfectly straight face. This press, did indeed 'boo' the Donald and his lovely enslaved human mannequin last night, see/hear it here.

This hairpiece has no substance whatsoever. He also has NO SENSE OF HUMOR (unless its' made at a poor or black persons expense I believe).
The Donalds favorite joke:
"Did you hear Hallmark was making an Obama Christmas ornament?
They want to give Americans the gift they all want, that n***** hanging in a tree"

But he can't seem to laugh at himself. As I gleefully watched him at the Correspondents Dinner last night, I so wanted to be sitting next to him and his mannequin so I could laugh as loud as possible! (I wonder just how "cringy" his purchased play-thing got? I can only imagine her fear). Obama laid into him. Best line in my opinion was the one about Celebrity Apprentice seen here:

Seth laid into him!

And the bully, Trump, sat through it all, completely stone-faced. I'm sure when he got home he took his anger out on his many servants and his poor hand-maiden.

Wait, I've changed my mind, I DO want to see the Donald in the news more. Here are some crawls I'd like to see at the bottom of my news channel:

Melania Trump questioned in assault of Donald Trump. Found wandering streets dazed and holding what appeared to be a child's thumb. Later found to be Trumps penis.

Fordham University revokes Donald Trumps diploma, investigation reveals he paid his gardner to take his exams.

Ivana Trumps tell-all book "Life with a Privileged White Thug" is a page-turner! Details how he robbed his mob partners.

Donald Trumps head found in New Jersey sewer.

Donald Trump found dazed and pant-less wandering around ghetto in Atlantic City. Local Street gang begs police to take him off their turf.

TMZ set to release pix of Trump with his 13-year old prostitute.

Trump announces his divorce from Melania, set to marry un-named girl fetus. Pro Life and Pro-choice groups band together to have Trump removed from society at all costs.

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