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Save the fetus, kill the child.
Author: TriSec    Date: 07/02/2011 13:45:45

Good Morning.

Anybody out there have babies? Were you regulated in any way when you decided to do so, or did it just happen?

I wonder, did that automatically make any of us "good parents"?

The GOP has many curious fixations. Most of them, as we know, are truly damaging to the country, but some are just obsessions to pacify their "base". Of course, I have abortion on the brain today.

Some of the religious extremists take a look at the ancient texts and find things to cherry-pick. For whatever reason, it's not enough for these beliefs to remain in their faith community...so they've made it their lifelong mission to turn it into the law of the land. "Thou shalt not kill" is the entire basis for the anti-abortion crusade.

But of course....it's probably the wrong approach. All of you here know our story. To paraphrase, we were unable to have children in the normal fashion, so Mrs. TriSec and I went through a lengthy process to prove we were good people worthy of having a child.

Over the years since, I believe my worldview has changed somewhat, and I too have obsessively and sometimes violently argued my point; ANYONE who wants to have children needs to go through the same kind of screening process that adoptive parents do. In short...perhaps the time has come for the US Government to issue a 'breeding license".

Can you buy a gun without a licence? Drive a car, bus, or truck? Practice medicine or law? Then why not? Politicians, for whatever reason, will embrace the most ludicrous positions for money, or to pacify influential supporters. I don't think such a position would be indefensible now. Personally, I have long believed that it might be the bigger crime to bring a child into the world when you are unable to support and shelter it, yet there are probably thousands of babies born every day to people without homes, shelter, mental stability, or indeed the will to love and nurture a child to maturity. It's a huge commitment...and some people are simply not up to the task and should not do it.

I realize this isn't going to be a popular position today....but there were a number of stories in the news this week that illustrate my point. Can anyone defend these "parents"? Should these children have even been born, if this was to be the end result? Perhaps they should have been, after all it's not their fault what happened to them. But some kind of intervention certainly seems warranted.

Four year old dumped by road

Eleven year old "coerced" into driving car across the desert

Woman microwaves baby to death

And then there's the whole Casey Anthony affair in Orlando.

If the GOP truly cared about children, don't you think some of these things would make a fair bit of common sense? But since they don't, it's all about abortion and pacifying the religious extremists among us. Funny that....banning abortion on religious grounds. Wouldn't that be Christian Sharia?

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