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Author: TriSec    Date: 07/09/2011 11:09:15

A brief item this morning...I'm headed off to Spot Pond in a bit for a full day of kayaking. The weather is supposed to be great today, so we're hoping for 3 full sessions.

But let's talk briefly about Congress. Usually, this would be a recess week. Probably an awful lot of our legislators had to cancel junkets vacations so they could stay in the capitol and "work". Perhaps one or two 'town hall' events might have been cancelled, too.

Our erstwhile junior senator had no such events to cancel. In fact, he's never had a town hall meeting.

BOSTON -- Republican Sen. Scott Brown, who won last year's special election by tapping into populist voter sentiment, has yet to hold a public town hall meeting to take questions from Massachusetts residents.

Massachusetts Democrats, who are hoping to win back the seat once held by the late Sen. Edward Kennedy, are tweaking Brown for failing to schedule a meeting to let members of the public express their concerns.

A Brown spokesman acknowledged Brown hasn't had a town hall-style meeting, but said he's attended more than 200 events in Massachusetts and is focused on creating jobs.

Brown won the office by labeling Kennedy's former seat the "people's seat" and burnished his everyman image by driving a pickup truck and wearing a barn jacket.
Democratic Sen. John Kerry has held five town hall meetings since Brown's election.

Probably nothing more than a minor, local-interest story, but isn't that a metaphor for the larger picture?

Think about it this way. Senator Brown hasn't had any town hall meetings, but he's not actually required to have any. So without the rule of law, he's simply not going to do it.

The same thing happens with business and regulations every day. Why do something that is going to cost time and resources if it's not required for you to do so?

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