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Murder Begets Murder. Love Begets Love.
Author: Raine    Date: 09/22/2011 12:57:50

I have little to say this morning on the execution of Troy Davis last night. My heart is sad that we allow this sort of injustice in our nation. But there is something else to be said here. You see, 2 people were executed last night. The other execution was of the murderer of James Byrd. Mr. Byrd, you will recall had his throat slit, and was tied to the back of a pickup truck and dragged until his limbs fell off the rest of his body. Troy Davis was charged with mudering a police officer --altho no murder weapon was ever found. 7 of 9 witness' in his case recanted testimony, and Mr Davis faced 4 execution dates. I have long made my feeling clear about the Troy Davis case. I have also made my feeling about the death penalty clear-- I am not a proponent of it.

A friend provided me with this article that gives pause.
James Byrd's family has asked that Brewer's life be spared.

"You can't fight murder with murder," Ross Byrd, 32, the victim's son told Reuters on Tuesday. "Life in prison would have been fine. I know he can't hurt my daddy anymore. I wish the state would take in mind that this isn't what we want."

"Life goes on," he said. "I've got responsibilities that I have every day. It's not on the front page of my mind. I'm looking for happy times."

The Byrd family held a vigil in Jasper on Tuesday, the eve of Brewer's execution.

"He has no remorse and I feel sorry for him, but forgiveness brings about healing. We had begun to heal a long time ago," Betty Boatner, Byrd's sister, told television station KPRC in Houston. "We're praying for his family as well as our family, and for the citizens of Jasper. We already made peace with it a long time ago."

More than 700 miles away in Jackson, Georgia, the MacPhail family have been long awaiting Troy Davis' execution.

"That's what we wanted, and that's what we got," Anneliese MacPhail, the mother of murdered officer Mark MacPhail, told the Associated Press. "We wanted to get it over with, and for him to get his punishment."

"Justice was finally served for my father," said Mark MacPhail Jr., the officer's son.
Mr. MacPhail Jr. was 2 years old when his father was murdered. Ross Byrd was 19 when his father was killed.

One family prayed for forgiveness, the other for retribution. 2 more people are dead, and the murdered will never be brought back. One was proud of his crime, the other always claimed innocence. In March, the Governor of Illinois signed a bill to repeal the States Death penalty saying:
“We cannot have a death penalty system in our state that kills innocent people,” Quinn said. “Unfortunately that system was in grave danger of doing exactly that in 20 different instances in Illinois. And so what’s really in question is the system itself. If the system can’t be guaranteed 100 percent error-free, then we shouldn’t have the system. It cannot stand. It just is not right in our democracy and system of justice.”
Former NY Governer Mario Cuomo spoke eloquently about this in 2006.
NY State found it's death penalty unconstitutional in 2004.

May the spirits have mercy on all of our souls.



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