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Author: TriSec    Date: 02/25/2012 12:53:34

Good Morning.

Just a brief message today...I've got nothing.

Although hopefully I can get at a few things now. It's "new job syndrome"....lots of things are blocked, and I'm being very good and staying away as much as I can.

However....while the blog itself is blocked, and of course Facebook and Twitter, (and curiously, Google Reader) a few things are not.

I can get at iGoogle, and my email and my calendars. I can use my daily planner and notes online, and luckily Google Plus is not blocked. I'm also able to access the major media sites (although streaming is disabled), plus Newsvine and Bloglines, too. So I'm not completely cut off.

I also discovered that Google Bookmarks is not blocked either, so I'll be able to continue to save stories for this weekend blog and Ask a Vet.

So while I may not be here during the daytime anymore, my work behind the scenes will continue as always.

So....since I've not really had much access, I've not got anything saved up for this weekend, or even any real ideas. So you know what to do. I'm headed off to camp in a few for the "Arctic Expo". Ought to be fun without any snow on the ground.


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