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There is No Debate
Author: Raine    Date: 10/04/2012 13:02:52

Last night was an unmitigated disaster, this is clear. One man was desperate on that stage last night.

I believe the other man, the incumbent President, came to debate issues and facts. That is impossible to do when the opponent tells flat out lies to the American people. It's impossible to debate a lie unless there is acknowledgement of said lie.

Josh Marshall has an interesting take on last night:
The Obama team isn’t going to try to get into a fight about whether their guy was on his game. There’s no point. (This is what I meant a couple days ago when I said Obama is not a great debater. Not a great night. But I’ve never seen him great at debating.) What I fully expect, what they’ll do if they’re smart is go full court press on Romney’s numbers and press for details about his budget plan.

The numbers simply don’t add up. Over a few news cycles that can build up really fast. He says he’ll push massive upper income tax cuts and those have to come at the cost of much higher deficits or big tax hikes for middle income people. His campaign agenda is based on a massive deception.

That’s the vulnerability Romney brings out of this debate. And it may be bigger than people realize.
Romney came across as an overly aggressive man. It was the style of this debate that people are discussing today, and it was ugly. The man has no substance. None. He was a salesman debating a professor. Mitt Romney came to debate things that aren't real in order to get you to buy his product.

The facts will come back to haunt Romney. While there are people out there that will declare Mitt Romney as the winner, I say it is a sad state of affairs in this nation when we declare pure unadulterated lying as winning. If people really want to change this country, it might be a good place to start by not celebrating deceit, disrespect and bullying behavior. This is NOT a win. Not for anyone. We all deserve better than what we saw last night. For all the practicing and all the studying, this is what we got:

THAT is what happened last night. This wasn't a debate, this was a mess. Lehrer lost control of it less than a half hour in, and there was no turning back. Telling a lie is one thing, getting away with a lie is another. Style vs.Substance. Romney's substance was full of lies all night:


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