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My marriage is over.
Author: TriSec    Date: 03/30/2013 12:34:44

Good Morning.

I'm saddened to report the collapse of my almost 17-year marriage to Mrs. TriSec. It was a great run while it lasted. We travelled, ran for public office, worked in a youth organization, worked for the school department, and built a small but comfortable life here in a Western suburb of Boston.

We had lots of sex, too. All great fun. But something curious happened. No babies ever came of it. We even managed to get ourselves de facto excommunicated from our religious community because we dared to seek the hand of man in our quest for a child. You know what we ended up doing, and our young son is turning twelve later this summer.

But all of that is for naught. Because my wife and I couldn't have children "in the normal fashion", our entire marriage is de-legitimized in some sections. So, I will be filing for divorce soon, on the grounds that we couldn't procreate and the entire thing was, and is, a sham.

The end of a marriage is a tragic thing. We survived said infertility problems, me getting laid off twice, bankruptcy, death of a parent, and even a major medical event that nearly took me. Normally, that which doesn't destroy you makes you stronger, but all of that pales in comparison to the lack of babies being produced. I suppose I need to blame somebody.

So...it's obviously my best man's fault. Here's a gentleman I have known since 8th grade. In some ways, he knows me better than my own flesh-and-blood brother. We grew up together, came of age together, and hell, even lived together for some 8 years after I finished college. (unfortunately, he never went.) Not very long before I was to be married, he rather sheepishly came out as gay, and wondered if this might change anything.

I recall telling him at the time that if it did, then everything we believed in was a lie.

Imagine my surprise in finding out some 17 years later that his being gay, and standing for me as my best man, was the sole reason for my marital demise. I figure that since God hates fags, He must have seen fit to punish us by denying us children, and condemning our marriage as illegitimate.

Now if I could only figure out how to divide all our possessions, the few remaining assets we have, and what to do with our son. I eagerly await the next instruction from the religious right. In the meantime, it seems easier for me to just stay living with my ex-wife and non-child for the duration.

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