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Why Didn't I Think of This?
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 03/31/2013 13:50:34

Some people in this country have the savvy and courage to come up with great ideas that are easy to pass into law. And often we wonder, "what did we do before this law"? The Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA, is obviously one of them but there are others.

For example, lets say you're in a fine dining establishment with your husband and you need to use the restroom, don't you often find yourself worrying about the possibility that a transgender person might be inside? Does the fear keep you hovering at the restroom door trying to avert a panic attack? I know this happens to me every day.I could walk in and be greeted by a person who looks and sounds in every respect like a woman, but must pee standing up. The thought of it makes me nauseous.

If you are privileged to reside in Arizona than you can now feel at ease with Arizona Senate Bill SB 1045, authored by Rep. John Kavanagh a republican. This genius came up with the brilliant idea to make it a Class 1 Misdemeanor for transgender individuals to use a bathroom other than one that aligns with the gender on their birth certificate. Read about it HERE.

Isn't this smart? Don't you feel safer? Why, if Velveeta is using the facilities and spies a woman that has "man hands" she can just demand that the alleged woman drop trou to prove her or his gender!

Of course, AZ is no stranger to smart, cutting edge laws with their S.B 1070 immigration law which basically made it very difficult to be brown colored, or even darkly tanned, without being repeatedly pulled over several times a day to prove your status in this great country!

Sadly, our Federal courts don't always agree with these laws, in part because our government is woefully behind the times. Recently, another immigration law passed by Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels in 2011 was deemed unconstitutional. The Indiana bill, inspired by Arizona's 1070 bill, would have people who looked like they don't belong here to be arrested without the bother of getting a warrant. Warrants just take so much time, after all! And do you really want to wait while the police get a warrant.

Oh my gosh! I just thought of something!! Illegal aliens who are also transgender!!! What if there is a brown man dressed as a woman laying in wait in my bathroom? I feel a panic attack coming on just thinking about it and now I'm too scared to go out in public anymore. We need more laws to prevent this! This is a very serious issue that we need to deal with after we deal with the gays and their whole marriage/equality tizzy.

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