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Friday, finally
Author: Raine    Date: 10/04/2013 13:04:27

Still processing the events from yesterday. It was a scary situation that ended up tragically. Why she did what she did, we will probably not know, but it does appear to be a case of a very sick woman. Postpartum depression perhaps, but there are reports that she suffered a head injury a while back as well. NBC news reports:
The woman who led authorities on a chase from the White House to the Capitol before she was killed by police may have thought that President Barack Obama was stalking her, law enforcement sources told NBC News. (snip)

Dr. Barry Weiss, a dentist, told NBC Connecticut that Carey was working for him in January 2012 when she suffered a fall and missed two to three weeks. He said that she appeared increasingly stressed after an unplanned pregnancy. Relatives have said that she may have suffered postpartum depression.
She tried to crash onto White House grounds and led a chase to the ground of the Capitol. It was a responsible assumption that the car was being used as weapon.

Police Chief Cathy Lanier stated that the system worked.
At the White House and at the Capitol, the security perimeter worked, Lanier said, adding that a Capitol Police officer and a Secret Service agent had been injured.

"They did exactly what they were supposed to do. They stopped a suspect from breaching the security perimeter in a vehicle at both locations."

No shots were fired at the White House, but agents gave chase. As the car closed in on the Capitol, the seat of Congress, it was cornered by police vehicles and armed officers on foot.

Footage aired by broadcasters showed the woman's car executing a tight U-turn as shots rang out, and then speeding off. Shortly afterwards it hit another barrier and more shots were fired.

Lanier, while refusing to speculate on the cause of the incident, said it "does not appear in any way to be an accident. This was a lengthy pursuit."
It's is a sad story, and more details are emerging, but I honestly don't see how this woman could have saved her own life once she engaged in a car chase. At that point, her car was a weapon, and no one knew if there were explosives, fire arms etc., in the vehicle. No one knew, or had time to deem her anything other than a threat to the public.

It's a terribly sad situation all around. A child lost a mother. A mother lost a child. I'm glad there were so few deaths.


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