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A Boy Named Sue
Author: Raine    Date: 07/31/2014 13:21:17

Yesterday, the House of Representatives voted to authorize a lawsuit against President Obama for not enforcing the ACA.
In a 225-to-201 party-line vote, Republicans authorized the House to move forward with a lawsuit against Mr. Obama for his application of the Affordable Care Act, which they argue has been selective and intended to delay the law’s most undesirable aspects.
Yes, this after voting to defund and repeal the Affordable care acts over 50 times, they are now voting to sue the president for not following the law. During an event in Kansas City where President Obama discussed his desire to see the minimum wage raised he pivoted to the upcoming vote.
Later the president said that Republicans keep blocking and voting down every idea that would have an impact on middle class families. Obama said, “They haven’t been that helpful. They haven’t been as constructive as I would have hoped.” Obama later told Congress to come on and help a little bit, “Stop being mad all the time. Stop just hating all the time.”

The president said that the main vote that House Republicans have scheduled for today is to decide whether or not to sue me for doing my job. He said, “But think about this, they have announced that they are going to sue me for taking executive actions to help people. So you know, they’re mad because I’m doing my job, and, by the way, I told them, I said I’d be happy to do it with you. So the only reason I am doing it on my own is because you don’t do anything, but if you want let’s work together. Everybody recognizes this is a political stunt, but it’s worse than that, because every vote they’re taking like that is a vote they are not taking to actually help you. When they had taken fifty votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act, that was time they could have spent working constructively to help you on some things. By the way, do you know who’s paying for the suit they are going to file? You. No, no, you’re paying for it, and it’s estimated that by the time the thing is done, I would have already left office, so it’s not a productive thing to do.”
That is indeed correct, American Taxpayers are footing the bill for this.

The can't pass meaningful immigration reform, they won't pass a meaningful transportation bill, they are still screwing around with a bill to help the Veterans administration get its shit together, but they sure as hell can vote to authorize a lawsuit which, by the way, hasn't been presented yet. As of this morning I can only find a general letter written by Speaker of the House John Boehner. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that the suit hasn't been written yet. in that memo he states:
I intend to bring to the floor in July legislation that would authorize the House of Representatives – through the House General Counsel and at the direction of the Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group (BLAG) – to file suit in the coming weeks in an effort to compel the president to follow his oath of office and faithfully execute the laws of our country. The legislation would follow regular order and be considered by the Rules Committee following its introduction, prior to its consideration by the full House.

Under our system of government, the Judicial Branch has the power to resolve disputes between the Executive and Legislative Branches. When there is a failure on the part of the president to faithfully execute the law, the House has the authority to challenge this failure in the Judicial Branch by filing suit in Federal Court in situations in which:

There is no one else who can challenge the president’s failure, and harm is being done to the general welfare and trust in faithful execution of our laws;
There is no legislative remedy; and
There is explicit House authorization for the lawsuit, through a vote authorizing the litigation against the president’s failure.

I believe the House must act as an institution to defend the constitutional principles at stake and to protect our system of government and our economy from continued executive abuse. The president has an obligation to faithfully execute the laws of our country. When this legislation is introduced in the coming weeks, I ask that you review it and join me in supporting it when it goes before the House.
Here is a little something from a little (government) website designed to help teach children about our government:


The Founding Fathers, the framers of the Constitution, wanted to form a government that did not allow one person to have too much control. With this in mind, the framers wrote the Constitution to provide for a separation of powers, or three separate branches of government. Each has its own responsibilities and at the same time they work together to make the country run smoothly and to assure that the rights of citizens are not ignored or disallowed. This is done through checks and balances. A branch may use its powers to check the powers of the other two in order to maintain a balance of power among the three branches of government.
Now even if I did believe that this lawsuit wasn't frivolous, I would be more than happy to point out that the Legislative branch - in particular the Republican-led House of Representatives - is being constitutionally negligent by not doing their job, which is to pass laws (also known as "legislating"). The negligence - and negligence alone - of legislation is what has brought about their ill -conceived notion that one branch of government is overreaching. It's projection on a global scale. The Constitution was set of with checks and balances but when one leg of that stool isn't doing its job, the weight shifts, and the stool breaks. You can look it up. It's called science or something like that.

They have gone so far as to say the reason why they won't pass legislation is because, wait for it...
Boehner and House Republicans have balked at the idea of immigration reform this year, saying they do not trust Obama to enforce any law they pass. (snip)

“What we've seen, clearly over the last five years, is an effort to erode the power of the legislative branch,” Boehner told reporters Wednesday. “I believe the President is not faithfully executing the laws of our country, and on behalf of the institution and our Constitution, standing up and fighting for this is in the best long-term interest of the Congress.”

If the President were not at least trying to use his rights under the Constitution to use executive powers, government would not be functioning at all. If the past history regarding this current Congress is any indication, that is exactly what they have been achieving. They are not governing, or legislating. They are managing our country by creating one crisis after another.

While they scream about everything they are failing to do their own jobs.

I would like to sue every one of those people who voted to sue the President right back for breach of contract. They are the ones failing to do the jobs they were elected to do. They put themselves on this cross and now they want everyone else to get them off.



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