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We Interrupt this Blog...
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 10/26/2014 14:59:33

Well, this is just swell. As if we weren't already living in fear and anger over the Ebola epidemic that is spreading across the country thanks to Obama and his Obamacare. Now we have this story in today's New York Times.

Remember pResident Bush? aka W, the Shrub; that guy? Remember how we complained that he really didn't do anything much? Well, except get us into a war with Iraq for some trumped up reason.

Well, not only did he and his pals create a whole new threat to the world, ISIS/ISIL but they've also condemned American captives to water-boarding according to the NYT article that was released today.

Now, if I were a real reporter like Chuck Todd - no maybe NOT like him - but like a real reporter, I'd really want to hear from Mr. Bush and/or Cheney on their reaction to this. Afterall, if it's "not torture". Thankfully, under Obama, this "technique" was banned and reclassified as torture; though I'm sure that those on the right think disagree with his decision. I can just imagine Sarah Palin padding around her overly large log cabin home in Alaska with many moose heads draped in American flags hanging on the walls complaining about how weak Obama is. Whatever.

If it was good enough for George Bush's America.....well, now we have ISIS doing it:
The story of what happened in the Islamic State’s underground network of prisons in Syria is one of excruciating suffering. Mr. Foley and his fellow hostages were routinely beaten and subjected to waterboarding. For months, they were starved and threatened with execution by one group of fighters, only to be handed off to another group that brought them sweets and contemplated freeing them.

Their struggle for survival, which is being told now for the first time, was pieced together through interviews with five former hostages, locals who witnessed their treatment, relatives and colleagues of the captives, and a tight circle of advisers who made trips to the region to try to win their release. Crucial details were confirmed by a former member of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, who was initially stationed in the prison where Mr. Foley was held, and who provided previously unknown details of his captivity.

The ordeal has remained largely secret because the militants warned the hostages’ families not to go to the news media, threatening to kill their loved ones if they did. The New York Times is naming only those already identified publicly by the Islamic State, which began naming them in August.

Waterboarding still not torture? According to some of the prisoners who were once held by ISIS:
Meant to simulate drowning, the procedure can cause the victim to pass out. When one of the prisoners was hauled out, the others were relieved if he came back bloodied.

Oh. My. God.

I am so angry not just at ISIS, but by those that helped create this terror group.

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