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Fire and rain
Author: Raine    Date: 10/22/2007 12:05:02

Good monday morning. First, before we go any further... let me send a HUGE round of applause to Red Sox Nation!!!! I think it is safe to go outside again, untie your shoelaces and do whatever you do regularly. The Red sox will be meeting up with the Rockies for the world series this year. Wow. Congrats. And yes, sympathies to the Indian fans out there.

So I woke up to the sound of rain this morning. Strange sound. The south could get anywhere from a half inch to an inch today. Not nearly enough, but we will take anything we got. Metro Atlanta is facing water rationing.

Yes, it is bad. So I am sure you could assume that people are pulling together to do something right? Wrong, instead, many in the tonier areas of town are trying to install wells on their property so they can continue watering the precious landscaping. You can read about it here. Make sure you don't spit out your coffee
Last week, Laura Askew, co-owner of Askew Drilling Co. in Jonesboro, scheduled a homeowner who had spent some $25,000 on plantings and is now past the 30-day window allowed for watering professionally installed landscaping. The total outdoor watering ban took the home-owner by surprise.

"He was real upset about it," she said.

With neighbors now routinely squealing on each other for outdoor illegal watering, drilling a well has become a sensitive proposition. Several homeowners who had wells drilled in recent days did not return phone calls or declined to talk on the record. The Grayson homeowner said she didn't want to call attention to her property.
I guess these people truly don't get it. A major city is facing not just a water shortage... but no water at all. Scary stuff. One town in Tennessee is already out of water.
Yet three years into the harshest drought anybody can remember, something new has been added to these timeless rural routines — something that could portend metro Atlanta's worst water-shortage nightmare.

Orme is dry: The mountain spring that has supplied it with water for more than a century has been reduced by the record drought to a virtual trickle.

So every other day, a couple of old trucks haul water all morning and afternoon from a country fire hydrant two miles away in Alabama to the town's rusting 17,500-gallon tank, up a dirt lane near the spring on Orme Mountain.
That is just one tiny town... imagine for a minute, millions of people facing something like this.

Over on the west coast, fires are raging again. The drought has ravaged California as well. one fo those towns is Portrero, btw. Portrero seems to be where the fires may have started. This town has been hotly debated lately as it is the proposed site for a new Blackwater training facility for... a law enforcement and military training facility.
A group that focuses on election integrity said Wednesday that a mail ballot is not a secure way to conduct a recall election for members of Potrero's planning group.
But Barbara Chamberlain, who heads an election committee for the group promoting the recall, said she's satisfied with the mail ballot for the Dec. 11 election in the backcountry community 45 miles east of San Diego.

The election is seeking to recall five members of the planning group who approved a project by Blackwater Worldwide for a law enforcement and military training camp on 824 acres in Potrero. (The company recently changed its name from Blackwater USA.)

The election has become a referendum of sorts on the project, which has aroused intense controversy because of environmental issues and concerns about Blackwater's role as a government contractor in Iraq.

County Registrar of Voters Deborah Seiler said she decided to conduct the ballot by mail because it is more convenient for Potrero's 505 registered voters. Ballots will be mailed out Nov. 13 and must be returned Dec. 11.

Rumour has it, the post office has burned down. :foil: I will be following this story today and others!

See you inside! Espresso bar is open, today's tea is lady grey and we have some donuts and bagels.

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