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No heart, no soul.
Author: Raine    Date: 12/11/2014 14:10:39

After yesterday's blog there is little more than I can say about the release of this report that we did indeed torture people. This nation lost a little more of its soul with these new revelations.

It's not like we didn't know that things were happening; all anyone needed was to look at the Abu Ghraib photos. A year or two later in that hellacious decade, we learned of the Torture Memos

Everyone knew what was being done in our name. We knew, the UN knew, the people we were fighting knew.

Most did not know, however, the extent of it all. One man did. One man knew about it all. And one person is out there very proud of the depravity inflicted upon others: Dick Cheney. Yesterday he went on television and told the world that he was fine with what was done.
Cheney, speaking on Fox News' “Special Report with Bret Baier,” said some of the controversial techniques used on militants had been previously tested and the interrogations produced results.

Cheney acknowledged he had not read the entire 500-page report summary. He strongly defended the tactics, including waterboarding and rectal hydration

“What are you prepared to do to get the truth against future attacks against the United States?” Cheney asked.

Cheney also refuted claims that President George W. Bush was kept in the dark about the interrogations.

“I think he knew everything he wanted to know and needed to know,” Cheney told Baier.
Via Mother Jones:
It begs the question, did the former President let it happen?

The other day I dug around an found this artlcle from 2009:
The New York Times broke half the story in Sunday’s paper as Scott Shane explained that “the Central Intelligence Agency withheld information about a secret counter-terrorism program from Congress for eight years on direct orders from former Vice President Dick Cheney.” Congress finally found out eight years after Cheney gave the order, when CIA Director Leon E. Panetta informed the House and Senate intelligence committees upon learning of the program himself.
He knew about everything. He knew it was worse than we could ever have thought.

He knows about it today.

George Bush is an idiot. Dick Cheney is a sociopath. They, along with George tenant, John Ashcroft, Alberto Gonzales, John You, Jay Bybee, Condolezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, and many others are all complicit in of not just war crimes, but in my opinion: crimes against humanity.

The only solace I see right now it that this nation has finally admitted it to the world. I don't feel much comfort in that.

We gave a man a heart who never ever had a soul. Somehow he sucked life out of others for his torturous fetish.


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