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Bow chicka wow-wow!
Author: TriSec    Date: 02/14/2015 13:12:46

Good Morning.

Greetings from Ice Station Zebra!

With better than 70 inches of snow on the ground, we're expecting another 12 to 18 around these parts. My neighborhood has devolved into anarchy, and I'm quite honestly surprised there haven't been any fisticuffs around here over the dwindling number of parking spaces.

Meanwile, in the big city, our entire regional transit system has collapsed. The manager has resigned (effective in April - how come nobody else can do that except government officials?), and the MBTA itself is going to be shut down entirely tomorrow. That's right - no subways, trains, boats, buses, or commuter rail.

I was a straphanger for years when I worked in the city. I was always smug in telling my driving co-workers that it will take me the same hour and ten minutes to get home on the rails, no matter what the weather, while they sat in 3-hour traffic jams. My, how times have changed.

But it's not the snow - I could actually deal with it if the weather was more cooperative. It hasn't actually been above freezing around here in about 3 weeks. All that snow that has descended has just sat there. That's why we need those melters - Ol' Sol ain't doing the job.

With it being Valentine's Day, and the snow moving in this evening, it's been suggested that tonight is going to be the biggest babymaking day of the year. "Blizzard Babies" are a thing, and I guess the media has nothing better to report.

BOSTON —It's not just the snow that may lead to a bunch of "Blizzard Babies" this year.

Valentine's Day sees more babies conceived than any other day of the year (every year), according to Ovuline, the developer of a fertility and pregnancy app.

"Conception on Valentine’s Day is four times higher than other days," the company said in a statement.

Ovuline's "Ovia Fertility" Apple and Android app uses computer algorithms to improve a woman's odds for conception, the company said.

A woman enters such information as body temperature and cervical fluid, and the Ovia app then predicts a window of time when intercourse is more likely to lead to conception.

New Year’s Eve is second for baby making, followed by Christmas. The day after Christmas is, interestingly, the lowest of every other day of the year.

Of course, I'm past the babymaking phase myself, but I suppose a discussion with Mrs. TriSec later this evening may be in order.

Stay safe out there!

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