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Sunday Wrap Up
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 04/26/2015 13:10:25

Hey, you know that little guy in Louisiana who uses a toddler name for his nickname? He's againt discrimination unless it's againt gay people. That's so adorable.

Claiming that your faith in a God teaches you to hate and discriminate is pretty messed up. There was a time when that same faith told us white people that it was perfectly okay to enslave people who look like Bobby Jindal. We normal people, on the other hand, must suffer with idiots like these. Such is our burden.

Just be grateful we have smart sensible people who want to focus on real issues like health, poverty, injustice and inequality. Some of them even have great sense of humor with impeccable comic timing:

The White House Correspodents Dinner was a good time for a good cause; but Republicans running for president were not there. Instead they were busy whoring it up in Las Vegas for money.

While we go throughout day and week, we offer prayers to those suffering in Nepal from the Earthquake.

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