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Monday — a required read:
Author: Raine    Date: 05/11/2015 13:01:43

I'm losing patience with the right. Hat tip to Scoop.

I read this and that was it, I could not have said it better. Read the entire post, it is well worth it.

(snip) You insist you have to have fourteen weapons plus a bayonet to roll to Aldi's, but you want to tell people who walk the world without weapons how brave you are- and if they disagree, you threaten to blow them away- ummm, yeah. You just hit it again.

You are against Obamacare because you don't want the government telling you what to do, but you keep voting in politicians who TELL you they are going to keep the drug war going, expand the government's powers to listen in on your telephone and read all of your correspondence, your thoughts, without a warrant- uh huh- yep. There's that stupid wall again.

You repeatedly vote for people who take away the money needed to give your children a decent school, one that stays open for the whole school year. (Novel thought, isn' t it?) You vote out a government that at least collects enough tax revenue to guarantee your kids can get an education- and vote in a governement that won't fix the roads you drive on, won't allocate money to make sure the bridges under your truck are safe. But tell ME how "Stoopid" I am?

Don't you guys feel the pain? Ever? My old man used to say it best, I guess, he framed it as a question. "What have you got in your head to ache?"

You fight the idea of a union but then complain you can't MAKE it on your minimum wage job, which is all you can find since everyone is paying minimum wage nowadays. Then you fight the idea of raising the minimum wage while staunchly voting for the politician who denies your wife a pay rate that is equal to her male colleague.


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