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Author: TriSec    Date: 07/25/2015 13:13:56

Not thinking too hard today.

In a little while, we're heading out to a nearby auto emporium and doing the deed.

It's curious - TriSec is having an attachment to another hunk of steel and aluminum. The ol' Subee got us through countless snowstorms, weather, went to Disney World (and all up and down the East Coast) swallowed up all the gear I could jam into it for camp, and barely complained a peep about it all.

During the entire recession, I kept my fingers crossed it would hold together, and for the most part it did...I literally only put gas in it for a number of years, and it kept on purring along. Things finally got better, and I started pouring money back into it, taking care of all that deferred maintenence. In retrospect, I probably should have used that for a down payment, but I wasn't psychologically ready for a car payment.

Last Saturday...I wasn't 100% certain we were getting home from camp. Recently, ol' Blue was showing signs of "old car disease"...tough starts, loss of power, smoking at times. I was barely able to get it started last week (after sitting outdoors in the weather for the duration of camp), and it took a while before it settled down enough to be driven.

Sometimes, you just know.

So after 12 years, and 160,000 miles (just flipped yesterday), it's on to something new.


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