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Mrs. Clinton Should Stay Home
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 03/20/2016 14:35:58

I'm about at my wits end with this Clinton woman; why can't she just stay home and be a doting Grandmother like every other lady of her age?

Instead she has the nerve to run for President again the fine, upstanding Donald Trump. And to make matters worse, she believes she can win by shouting. Why must she shout so much? It's very troublesome to my nerves.

Here are just a few reasons why she should never be president.

Hillary Clinton is married to former President Bill Clinton as was his go-to associate to handle his many misdeeds. I'm told that Mrs. Clinton would regularly threaten the women that Bill would bed and remind them that she was married to him and that it would be her that would be president after him. She also took the fall for the Whitewater scandal which I'm told was a deal to build estates for whites only along a beautiful patch of running water somewhere in Arkansas. The deal fell through and Bill and Hillary took all the money with them leaving those poor white people to remain trapped in their short-term rentals. Allegedly, Bill had a gambling and drinking problem and the money was needed to pay off the mob.

Mrs. Clinton killed a man named Vince Foster in a public park while children played nearby. Vince Foster had been her husbands Deputy White House Counsel as well as a super secret spy for the Chinese. Hillary was afraid he held to much power. He was found dead in a Virginia park by a group of boy scouts on an outing studying trees; he had a gun laying by his hand and a hatchet buried in his head. Not only was Mrs. Clinton not convicted in the crime, she soon after adopted the use of her middle name -Rodham - to show her strength.

Mrs. Clinton was so busy controlling her many cover ups that she lost track of one threat and that was her undoing. Monica Lewinsky was a 14 year old intern that was attacked by President Bill Clinton and turned into a sex slave party favor for his friends and even other world leaders. Velveeta can't even think about the details it's so very disgusting. And I frankly need a moment to gather myself. Let's just be thankful that Ms Lewinsky survived to tell us the truth.

When they left the White House completely broke to the point of extreme poverty, Mrs. Clinton had to sell herself to the highest bidders for speaking engagements while also living off government welfare. This point in her life reminded her of her younger years when she worked as a cleaning woman for the Arkansas Advocates For Children and Families organization. It was utterly demeaning, but she would soon rise to the top again. More people would have to die under her hand however.

Benghazi. The word brings fear to those who surround Mrs. Clinton. It's the ultimate power - to be able to pick up the phone and have your enemies killed in a horrific fashion and have the world blame a woman named Isis. Or, perhaps a bunch of party goers who got out of control and started a riot. Does it really matter at this point? Four Americans were killed so that Hillary could have long hearings in front of Congress thus getting her back into the spotlight. It's insanity!

Thanks to Benghazi however, we were able to learn about her emails and the fact that she kept them on a server in her own home letting the Russians and Chinese have access to them while she was Secretary of State! Even sharing details of the inner workings of the Department with North Korea! This will be her downfall. Many of those emails contained super secret information about her daughters wedding as well as names of spies, plans of possible military targets and family recipes that date back to her Great, Great Grandmother.

She is now being fully investigated by the FBI, CIA, DEA, NSA, QID, HSA, M5, LUB, HUD, NASA, NIH, AEA, SAG and WWE. Someone will find something on her and Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton will spend her presidency in prison.

Do we want to have a POTUS named "Inmate 549302-4"? Do we? I rather think NOT.

Next week, Bernie Sanders: Communist Child Predator or not?

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