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Mom Day 4...
Author: Raine    Date: 03/24/2016 13:58:39

Aside from a certain Denture incident our week with Momma Koch is going very nicely.

She has totally fallen in love with Sir Duke and I believe that is helping a lot. Who knew he would be some sort of service dog that takes a liking to dental products?

Mom was happy about it becuase they never fit her comfortably and now she has a good reason to get a new set.

Perhaps Duke is smarter than we thing he is!

Last night our friend Linda made one of Mom's favorite dishes: Fried Liver with onions with spinach and mashed potatoes. She was in heaven and Linda was thrilled to cook them. Win-win for everyone!

She is out front now reading a book and enjoying a cup of coffee in the sun.

It is nice spending some quality time with mom. It is also nice for my sister to have a break from being a mommy (her son is away at the other Grandmas' for Spring break) and not being a caretaker for our Mom. That makes me happy.

I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far. I am sorry for not being around much this week but you know, sometimes Family comes first.

Right now I am taking some alone time-- until the little punks across the street toss a soccer ball into our yard....


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