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Author: velveeta jones    Date: 06/19/2016 16:50:03

With the GOP convention only 30 days away the excitement is building for Donald Trump, our next President. He will be #44 which is half of 88 which is, of course, an important number. If you're a white nationalist.

Exciting times ahead!

But some people fear change.

Like Apple Computers, which is rather odd, since they are always updating and changing their tech stuff. But Apple has pulled out of sponsoring the GOP convention.

Apple specifically pointed to Trump’s comments about minority groups, immigrants and women in explaining its choice, two sources with knowledge of the decision told Politico.

“The Apple news raises the bar for other corporations,” Rashad Robinson, a spokesman for ColorOfChange PAC, said in a statement. The PAC is leading efforts to pressure companies not to participate in this year’s GOP gathering.

“Not only has Apple declined to support the Republican National Convention, but they’ve explicitly told Republican leaders that Trump’s bigoted rhetoric is the reason that they’re sitting out,” Robinson said. “This is what real corporate responsibility looks like.”

They're just mad because Trump called for a boycott of Apple products, via a tweet, while using his iPhone.

There are one or two or so other companies that are afraid of Donald Trump and refuse to support the convention. Some of them are: Wells Fargo & Co., United Parcel Service Inc., Motorola Solutions Inc., JPMorgan Chase & Co., Ford Motor Co., and Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. Coca Cola was the first to drop out. None of them will have their names on banners at the Quicken Loans Arena. Oh, also Quicken Loans isn't on board and wants everyone to just call the Arena by it's old name, Gund Arena.

So who is supporting Donald Trump and the GOP? Those that are proudly supporting the next President of the United States are Fleet Labs Inc, (makers of enema products) are thinking about it; BushMaster Corp (fine maker of Firearms for almost everyone); Comcast will supply internet to the convention, and is providing a unique phone number to their Customer Service teams when things go wonky. They have promised to cut the hold time to speak to a real person in half, which should make conventioneers pretty happy. MySpace (new motto "Please like us again"); Jimmy Johns and of course Chik-Fil-A

The food should be tasty, and plenty starchy.

Of course, Trump doesn't need the RNC to support him, so he doesn't care if a few companies drop out. Once he become CEO of America he will find a way to get them back. Pay back is hell.


Just stare into the strong eyes of our next prez.

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