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The Clinton Crime Files
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 07/03/2016 16:26:22

Hillary Clinton is just steps away from controlling the world! Leaving many to ask, how did a mob family get so far? Today, I lay out just a few of the many horrible things that this mafia family has done.

The Emails:
As we all know, Hillary used her personal email account for all sorts of nefarious deeds, including hiring prostitutes for her husband, sending Pro Flowers to ISIS and on at least one occasion soliciting a hitman for Bernie Sanders. The FBI would have her in handcuffs if they weren't on her massive payroll of funds collected through her phony charity called The Clinton Foundation. Which leads us to....

The FBI Investigations:
Those have all stopped once Hillary sent Bill to coerce the United States Attorney General Loretta Lynn with diamonds, sexual favors and ultimately death threats. They recently met up at the airport where this coercion was documented.

How do they get away with it? Often, its because Americans are so easily fooled. It's relatively simple to think that perhaps Bill and Loretta just accidentally met while switching planes; that if Bill really did want to persuade the Attorney General all he'd have to do is meet privately or pick up the phone. Why do this so publicly? But the Clintons count on us being so stupid. That's how smart they are.

The Benghazi Report:
Hillary Clinton is so powerful, she is able to convince people to spend 7.5 MILLION dollars of American TAXPAYER money for an ad campaign disguised as an investigation into wrong-doing. Brilliant. At one point she was on a TV show an entire day. It was like watching a "Housewives of...." marathon!


Bill Clintons Sexcapades:
It's no mystery to anyone that Bill Clinton has raped more women than Bill Cosby and every fraternity combined. Yet he remains free to continue his abuse of women. Some women have even used themselves as bait to lure his victims! It's rumored that Hillary and her lesbian lover like to watch. Again, all covered up neatly through the farce of the "Clinton Foundation".

There are way too many people murdered at the hands of this mob to count. The most famous being Vince Foster. They actually had that one ruled a "suicide" and they laugh about it often.

Was a real estate investment that the Clinton Mob used to make money and to swindle the elderly into purchasing a homesite on what was billed as "pristine lake-front beauty" but was instead a desert where nothing grew. It's rumored that the Clintons also used it to bury bodies of former lovers/victims and those that got in their way. Many people went to prison after investigator Ringo Starr bravely tried to prosecute the Clinton Gang. Ultimately the Clintons did not spend time behind bars and they pardoned their conspirators in the project. Today, the Whitewater property is a nuclear waste site.

Soon, we'll have to wade through more investigations of the Clintons once they take the White House again. I know we all want to see them go to prison for their many many many crimes. The bodies will pile up before they ever look out behind bars.

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