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The Peons and the Peed On
Author: BobR    Date: 01/11/2017 14:33:12

The "common wisdom" for why tRump won the election is because "coastal liberal elites" looked down upon and failed to understand the needs of the white middle-class worker in Flyover Country. Those country boys (and girls) just couldn't connect with a woman who used words above their education level and sent emails. They somehow identified with "regular guy" Donald tRump.



Needless to say - they are not a bright bunch. Are we really headed to Idiocracy? Consider some of the latest developments:

- The tRump Team says the inauguration will have a "soft sensuality". I have no idea what that means, but just the fact they phrased it that way is jaw-dropping.

- During the confirmation hearings for Jeff Sessions (for Attorney General, dear god), he was asked whether he thought "pussy-grabbing" was a crime. Not since the pubic hair comments during the Clarence Thomas hearings has such prurient testimony been heard in Congress.

- Based on a report from US Intelligence agencies, tRump actually colluded with Russian operatives. That is not just an impeachable offense - that's treason.

- According to what is being described as the FULL report, tRump - while in a Russian hotel - had sex-workers pee on the bed that the Obama's slept in when they visited Russia. The alleged full report can be found here. Specifically - page 2, paragraph 3:
However, there were other aspects to TRUMP's engagement with the Russian authorities. One which had borne fruit for them was to exploit TRUMP's personal obsessions and sexual perversions in order to obtain suitable "kompromat" (compromising material) on him. According to source D, where s/he had been present, TRUMP's (perverted) conduct in Moscow included hiring the presidential suite of the Ritz Carlton Hotel, where he knew President and Mrs. OBAMA (whom he hated) had stayed on one of their official trips to Russia, and defiling the bed where they had slept by employing a number of prostitutes to perform a "golden showers" (urination) show in front of him. The hotel was known to be under FSB control with microphones and concealed cameras in the main rooms to record anything they wanted to.
(bold-face mine)

Assuming this is true (and the fact that it doesn't seem completely absurd speaks volumes), one has to wonder: who does this? Who has such an overwhelming need to strike back at someone they despise in such a potentially self-destructive manner?


He is a child - specifically, an early adolescent boy. His emotional development stopped when he was 12. He's a spoiled brat, used to getting what he wants, with the whole world as his toybox, with the time and resources to enact his revenge fantasies. This is his idea of "pissing on" the Obama's legacy. Imagine his machinations when he has all the power of the Executive office?

He has already denied this, and short of actual video being leaked by the KGB, his most ardent supporters will not be swayed. They are so used to being trickled on by the economic policies of Republicans, they don't see any other way.

The rest of America? They'd rather have President Obama. This is where we are in America, where a dangerous man-child - unliked by most Americans - will be sworn into the most powerful office in the world in just over a week. It feels like a countdown to an execution.

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